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 Liberation Movements, by Olen Steinhauer

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Liberation Movements, by Olen Steinhauer Empty
PostSubject: Liberation Movements, by Olen Steinhauer   Liberation Movements, by Olen Steinhauer EmptyTue 21 Jul 2009, 7:28 am

Liberation Movements is the fourth in a series of crime novels written about an Eastern Europe country. Each of the novels happens about 10 years apart. This one happens in 1975, and is about one of the People’s Militia investigators who is bound for Istanbul when his plane is hijacked by Armenian terrorists and explodes in midair. All the protagonists (there are 4) have lived in this repressive country and are searching for liberation. The married man is looking for liberation from the oppression of marriage; the homosexual is looking for liberation from the oppressive government that not only does not approve of his life style but will likely take drastic actions against him when he is discovered to be a homosexual; the psychic is looking for liberation from the government that tried to mold her into a weapon to be used by the state; and, the policewoman is looking for freedom from the need for revenge that she wants for the death of her lover 7 years earlier.

I have to say, this was not one of my favorite books. I have read and enjoyed other books written by Olen Steinhauer, however this is not at the top of my list. Liberation Movements did provide insight into another country’s history, politics and it’s people that I did not have. So, for that reason alone, the book was a worthwhile read.

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Liberation Movements, by Olen Steinhauer
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