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 Sarah's Key

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PostSubject: Sarah's Key   Sarah's Key EmptySun 04 Oct 2009, 8:25 pm

Written by Tatiana De Rosnay and set in Paris France in 1942 and 2002, this is a powerful story of how the past affects the future. The focus of the story is on the jews living in france who were incarcerated with their families and then sent to die at Aushwitz. I will say that there are parts of this story that are extremely realistic and therefore hard to stomach, especially as a mom.

I absolutely loved this book, was extremely moved by the plot, but did feel that the ending was weak. It's the story of a young girl named Sarah and her family who were taken away by the French police because they were Jews. Sarah was desparate to save her young brother by hiding him in their secret place and promises to return to him as soon as they are released. Fast-forward 60 years and Sarah's story intertwines with that of an American journalist living in France, who investigates the horrific events of those times and stumbles onto a trail of secrets, that unbeknownst to her have a secret trail to her family. I highly recommend this book, but as I said earlier, I was slightly disappointed at the end. A definite page turner from beginning to end!!!
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Sarah's Key
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