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 Introducing Joannee

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PostSubject: Introducing Joannee   Fri 30 Jan 2009, 4:27 pm

study I was a bookish child. Coloring books, Golden books, my older brother and sister's books were my entertainment. And then there was the Book Of Knowledge encyclopedia - in a bookcase in a narrow hallway in our house. Summer meant that I'd walk to the local library branch a few times each week to sit and read OR get some books to bring home. I have fond memories of these walks and stops at Bob's Drug Store or Dairy Queen. I think I read every mystery book in the kids' section: Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Harriet the Spy. Everyone likes a little adventure in the summertime!

In junior high, my literary journey began to include science fiction. It was intriguing stuff: Kurt Vonnegut, The Hobbitt, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Ray Bradbury. Of course, there were other great books to read, too. My 8th grade teacher loaned me her copy of A Wrinkle in Time and Jane Eyre. My sister was in high school - so I read her books, too. Tess d'Urbaville and All the President's Men.

So, the path through high school was loaded with more great books -- and I've just kept reading. I read all kinds of books, keep some and share others. This year I gave several people Randy Pausch's LAST LECTURE and last year I gave a few others EAT PRAY LOVE. It's great to read them, but even better to share them -- with a few words of praise for other's to hear or, as we are doing, with a review.

I live in NJ and don't read as much as I would like because I'm usually also reading a couple of newspapers everyday and always have a stack of magazines. But, this coop will keep me honest - at least with 12 new reads.
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Introducing Joannee
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