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 Basic Ground Rules

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PostSubject: Basic Ground Rules   Sat 29 Nov 2008, 11:36 am

This is a very evolving, new concept in "book clubs" borne from the complaints that so many people really do not care for their book club's choices and also, they can be limiting (i.e., only contemporary fiction, only history, only best sellers).

The idea is to be more "well rounded" readers, visiting some new topics out there we, as individuals, might not ordinarily explore. Because the inaugural members are scattered throughout the country, we cannot do physical meetings. I lost some folks based on this, but that said, I think we gain more than we lose. It's more interesting to have input from people in different walks of life, different locations; and unique perspectives. I am actively trying to recruit international members, so if you know any not from the United States, please contact me.

There will be 12 topics each year, one topic for each month. So the minimum requirement to be in the club is one book, each month, for the topic assigned. You can choose what you would like to read in that category. If you are a little late in your reading, no one is going to get out the ruler ... you govern yourself. For instance, in "Not Just for Kids" you could pick something like The Book Thief by Markus Zuzak ... I was pretty amazed at the advanced reading that falls into the "young adult" category. For the topic "We Must Eat Too" a good choice might be, Fortune Cookie Chronicles:Adventures in the World of Chinese Food by Jennifer Lee. The choice is all yours, you just have to stay within the topic. You only have to read one book for each month/category, but if you want to be an over achiever, by all means, do so. Twelve per year was based on lots of feedback and people's busy lives, so I am hopeful it is a good starting point.

After you read your selection for the month/topic, come here and write either a small review (25 words or so is just fine, or you can make it longer (I'm verbose, so count on that!), or you can link to some other site where you might have put a review). You can all just put "one star ... it stunk" and we'll all get the picture, but I'm sure others will want to know why it stunk.

We will see how 2009 goes and tailor any changes, input, etc., to make it even better. If you are in other book clubs and you happen to be reading one that falls into your monthly category, streamline! You can absolutely review the same book here.

In 2009, I'll send out a couple group emails to get us all on board (I'm still learning this site and know there are ways to notify everyone of updates, I just haven't figured it out yet!). The initial email will have everyone's topics/assignments for the year, so every member will know who is reading what. So if you think someone generally likes the same stuff you do, you'll know generally when she's reviewing a certain topic

Feel free to introduce yourself and explain a bit about your reading likes/dislikes and history ~ in the introduction area. You don't have to, but it would be nice to have everyone know each other a little as this progresses.

Thanks and may all read in good health, happiness and peace.

Carolyn A. Schroeder
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Basic Ground Rules
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