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 Trust Me On This by Donald E. Westlake

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PostSubject: Trust Me On This by Donald E. Westlake   Mon 02 Mar 2009, 1:01 pm

March 2009: As a kid, before I delved into literature - Mystery - was the category for me. From Nancy Drew to Encyclopedia Brown, I loved the puzzle and the intrigue. It is sad to report that it took the 2008 death of Donald Westlake the "prolific author considered one of the most successful and versatile mystery writers in the United States" before I read one of his works. He often worked under Richard Stark, Tucker Coe, Samuel Holt or Edwin West so he could write more than one book per year. (You may know him as the screenwriter for "The Grifters") So, it will be interesting to see if his writing is formulaic or if he has that style that engages me into the work. Stay Tuned.

flower So now I have finished the book. I am happy to report that this author was pretty good. The book was not overly stimulating -- a simple plot and a simple story -- but I didn't figure it out before the end. So, it was not predictable versus other authors I have read. This author has written A LOT of these books - so I am actually going to read another (BAD NEWS) and see if he works with a formula or if his writing is simply yet holds the suspence factor.

My story revolved around a tabloid like the National Enquirer called the National Galaxy and was even set in Florida -- the NE's hometown. A fair amount of the story schooled me in the ways of these types of newspapers - but there was a solid plot with a young journalist finding herself in this racy environment when she really sought hard news. We see some romance (not heavy in the least), a little self-realization for the girl and sufficient plot turns -- that would make me recommend the book. It is not Grisham. It is not even Sherlock Holmes -- but it's not a drugstore romance either.

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Trust Me On This by Donald E. Westlake
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