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 Riding Lessons by Sara Gruen

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PostSubject: Riding Lessons by Sara Gruen   Riding Lessons by Sara Gruen EmptySun 29 Mar 2009, 5:31 pm

study For my animal book, I have selected RIDING LESSONS by Sara Gruen. I was introduced to Sara with her novel WATER FOR ELEPHANTS which is a book I recommend to everyone. I thought it was excellent. So, it is with this A+ point of view - I have selected another book by this author. I also have the sequel to this book FLYING CHANGES which I intend to cover if I can!

REVIEW: This author is definitely as easy read. She is not predictable - yet weaves her story just so that you have to read that next chapter before you put it down. In this case, the lead character has a relationship with horses from her youth as it is a business for her parents and passion for her. The horse, however, is not the main character, but has a key role in how he affects the main character. When I read this - I really felt badly for the main character, Anne Marie. She demonstrated how one can lead their life and do many things wrong. Through the course of the book, you watch her get deeper and deeper in to a hole that affects her daughter, her boyfriend, her ex-husband and her parents. The passion for her horse, however, is steady, albeit sometimes extremely irrational. I would recommend this book for several reasons: 1) it opens up the world of horses and competitive training and riding to those of us who know nothing about it. (There was clearly new vocabulary for me - brindled.) 2) you can see where passions can be lifesavers and how not facing your fears truly can be devasting. Our character has developed a set of beliefs and found that she was wrong in many ways. 3) the relationships that the author folds into the story make you both cringe and smile. The key relationships with Anne Marie and her horse - lets you see how an animal can be your life's sustaining force. Overall, an interesting story with a good plot, but not a real intellectual teaser. I will read the sequel, which focuses on Anne Marie's daughter, but usually, the extention of a story isn't as compelling.

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PostSubject: Re: Riding Lessons by Sara Gruen   Riding Lessons by Sara Gruen EmptyMon 30 Mar 2009, 8:02 am

Good choice Joannee ... I was kind of wondering about this one too. I bought it for my Sister in Law (a horse nut) and she already had it, so I have this around here somewhere. I too really liked Water for Elephants, such an unusual kind of book, flew through it. I am anxious to read your review.

Happy Reading!

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Riding Lessons by Sara Gruen
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